Do you really need a website and why?

‘I need to get a website!’ Have you ever come across this thought in your mind? It is certain that it happened if you’re reading this blog and don’t worry you’re not the only one who thought about it. In fact it goes through at least 1.97 million minds daily and 82 thousands hourly around the world. This figure is not complete hypothesis, but it is the whopping number of websites created in 2017 (1.76 billion). World is defined by internet today, and nobody is willing to be left out in digitally connected era. With 54.4% of earth’s total population using internet, brands and businesses aren’t limited to few localities. Sales & Marketing still exist, but the medium is completely revolutionized. Businesses are reaching out to millions of users on regular basis and you wouldn’t want to let online marketing and e-commerce opportunities slip off your hand.

Now this article is not about what digital marketing or e-commerce is or emphasizing their importance. You probably would know already as everyone is talking about the buzz word, but many of us wondering how to get started (if not already) or how to do it efficiently and maximize the ROI. First of all you have to understand that online marketing or selling is no rocket science and it is for ALL. However as for any great recipe you need great ingredients, and for online marketing the main ingredient is The Website. Even today, it is as good as your virtual business head quarter with all the information at one place. You may hire the best talent to create or maintain your website, but nothing beats the 360 degree services offered by a dedicated web development and hosting agency. Single point of contact, 24×7 support, technical expertise and affordable plans make them your growth partners in today’s time.

There are countless advantages of having a website for your business or profession:

  • Growth – The first impression leaves the decisive impact on potential customers and these days websites are that first impression. People do their research online before even contacting a product/service provider
  • 24 hours 365 days – Now your physical set-up may have fixed working hours and days but your website is always up and running to get you more business
  • Reach – Probably the best thing internet did was connecting the world and now you can promote your business to almost entire earth geography as a matter of clicks
  • Measure your success – Unlike earlier, we are now able to specifically track how many people searched for a business or product, how many are interested and how many are actually buying it which allow taking marketing decisions effectively
  • Know you customers – Online presence enable you to analyse what kind of people visits your online offerings, what are their tastes and likes and if there is any trend or pattern of potential customers
  • Credibility – In this time, customer perception of any business depends on how well their website is built and running. It establishes the credibility around, which help strengthen your enterprise in long run
  • Vision board – A hidden advantage of having a website is that it provides the opportunity to declare your vision and mission to the customers and stakeholders. This helps you keep running in the right direction as a guiding light

Now that you know the benefits, setting up a website and running it could be both easy and tricky. The journey starts from buying a domain name, deciding on right hosting plan and continue through the phases of maintenance and optimization. Besides, we had published myth busting article on hosting and best VPS hosting provider. Also, you should check the types of hosting available and how managed VPS hosting is the best solution.
You can also talk to an expert in person to achieve it in a hassle free way so that you can focus on your area of expertise that is running your business.

An End to all Hosting Selection Challenges

“Choose wisely. Live well” is the tagline of one of the most popular direct consumer marketing company and it makes more sense when it comes to business. Every decision is business critical and has the ability to push it up or pull it down. In information era, you wouldn’t want a key component like your online business presence to experience anything but the best.
We recently shared 5 key things about hosting and it flooded our mailbox with queries on different types of hosting and which is the best one should go with. Though it largely depends on your business build and budget, let me walk you through the main types of hosting and their benefits at least.

Shared hosting –
As name suggests, it allows multiple websites to share the resources of a single server. This includes sharing of server storage space, bandwidth, processing power etc. Hence the cost is also shared…! Small businesses, startups, professionals are often suggested this hosting to cover their cost of capital. Usually, you’ll have no idea what websites you’re sharing the server resources with and technically it poses a potential risk from other sites on the server to one of yours.

Dedicated hosting –
Dedicated hosting is the other end on the palette of hosting. As opposed to the shared one, here a server is devoted to a single business for specific purpose like emails, data storage or hosting their website. Since the server can also be set up externally at a data center, you typically lease its resources for your business. This gives you total control over server, best possible performance and flexibility, but at a significant investment. Companies with large websites, offering heavy online stuffs, getting lot of web traffic, generally demand for a dedicated hosting.

Virtual Private Server hosting –
My personal favorite and popularly known as VPS hosting, virtualizes a server, enabling it to share the dedicated slices of resources at a lesser cost. In simpler words, you’d still share the server but with allocated resources always dedicated to you. This provides you with power of a dedicated server at a price little higher than the shared hosting.
It combines the goodness of both shared and dedicated types of hosting. Besides this, it has several other benefits. For example, shared hosting comes up with preset hosting environment and configurations that leave little room for customization. In VPS hosting, you get more control over hosting environment while you pay for what you chose like you can ask for linux VPS hosting, windows VPS hosting, cPanel VPS etc. Also, it has technically no limitations in terms of server resources. As your website grow, you can upgrade your resource package and voila! You get more resources at your service. Further, with dedicated servers one challenging thing is setting these up and maintenance. Now this is not only time consuming but also requires additional cost. Managed VPS hosting makes this lot easier with control panel access and dedicated support teams to help.

You must have heard other hosting names as well like Colocation Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Reseller Hosting etc. But these are just structurally derived forms of basic hosting architectures as explained above. Choosing the right hosting plan should always be backed by your requirements and returns on investments. But if you need more advice to choose the right mix, these awesomely helpful people are just a call away

5 things you wish you knew earlier about hosting

1) Selecting right hosting is as important as selecting right domain
Remember when you wanted to start something on your own, or eagerly willing to take our business presence to online space. How much time you devoted to decide the domain name? Well, most of us including you and me tend to spend a lot of time thinking for the right domain which should be unique, catchy, and available. But have you ever thought what takes your website to run (and not crawl) online. If domain name is the fancy number plate of your business then hosting is the fuel which powers your business to run on the internet expressway. So the type of hosting and quality of hosting service is an xfactor to your business equation.

2) Sometimes internet is not the answer
Some of us are more proactive and they really believe in researching. But their source of research is often limited to internet itself. It is good enough as far as you’re learning the concept of hosting and the types of services available. However, you should always talk to an expert before making up your mind and finding one isn’t too difficult. Just search for a hosting service provider and contact them to identify what suits your need and what they can offer. I’ve had great help from one reputed web hosting provider and they even took care of all my online hassles end-to-end.

3) Everyone is chasing the cloud
Even in information era, attitude of hopping on the bandwagon isn’t changed much. Look around you and you would notice silly things going viral like never before. People start fantasizing as soon as a new jargon is coined, thanks to tech giants glamorizing the technology. ‘Latest’ seems cool but may also burn your fingers if it’s not the right mix for your business. Types of hosting (shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud etc.) exist to efficiently take care of your business needs and budget. No point in taking a pricey cloud VPS hosting when your requirement could be fulfilled by low cost VPS server hosting.

4) Best of both worlds exists in reality
Yes, you read it right. Sometimes the solution lies in gray area and sometimes it is the best of both worlds. With advancements in technology, now one can get the power-packed resources of a dedicated server even by paying as low as a shared hosting plan. Cheap VPS server hosting is able to provide best solutions for any business with assured resources, secure environment and complete isolation at a fraction of cost. It is as good as enjoying your own apartment in a gated high-rise. You get all the amenities like security, maintenance, power backup while having no interference from neighbors.

5) It’s all about your business
Before landing to a pit of technicalities, re-think if you really want to do it on your own. Until you are into website industry (which is least likely if you’re reading this blog), investing much time and efforts in website setup and maintenance would cost you the time and focus from your core business activities. Remember, website is for your business and not vice-versa. Many providers like VPS Hosting India offers managed VPS hosting plans which deliver 99.99% uptime and 24/7 customer support. Now this is a return on investment in terms of peace of mind and precious time for your business.

Sri Web Technology VPS Hosting Services – Robust Reliable Affordable

We reside in an age of information, where every single transaction, movement or activity is dependent on data. One of the virtues of this digital age is that there are technologies which ensure the ever-so availability of data on one’s beck and call. Almost all of the business is done over the internet and the address of all hub of all these business activities is a website. As per a survey conducted to find out how many websites are there in India, the output number was over 30 million in total and that was in 2015. Two years have passed since then and considering the popularity websites have gained, a few more millions must have already been added to that number. This begs the question, where does all the data, all the zetabytes of the information which flows through these websites is stored? The answer is hosting servers and which is why services for VPS hosting in India are gaining a traction in the industry.

Hosting Servers offer a storage space, like a hard drive for the website which stores files and images. In order for a website to exist over the internet, you need a hosting server which can be gained through a credible hosting service provider. There are several different types of hosting services, depending on what kind of storage option you require. It can be a shared hosting or it can also be an independent hosting option. More often than less the hosting service providers in the country charge a bit extravagantly for the hosting plans. However, there are some providers who offer competent, efficient and Cheap VPS hosting in India.

One of such companies who have secured its name in the list of well-known and well-trusted hosting service providers in India is Sri Web Technology. They offer several types of hosting plans, may your requirement be for personal Linux web hosting to business Linux Web Hosting. Their plans start from 1 GB disk space to unlimited storage option. In terms of bandwidth availability, the provider has plans from 5 Gb to unlimited bandwidth availability. One can also get suitable plan for email id which range from 10 to unlimited and so does the MySQL database provision which entails 1 to unlimited number of database accounts. Not only that, but the FTP account associated with the plans lie between the range of 1 to unlimited and as for the sub-domains it starts from 10 to unlimited number of add-on domains. Sri Web Technology offers cheap Linux VPS hosting services with incredibly customised hosting plans which suit your individual requirements. So, if you ever face the conundrum of choosing operating systems for hosting web servers, always go with Linux and by extension, choose Sri Web Technology to be your hosting service provider.

VPS Hosting India – Offering the Most Efficient Hosting Service in the Nation

Internet first came into existence with electronic computers around 1950s-60s. Looking at it today, there is hardly any field where internet is not being used. Something as small as buying grocery is also done online nowadays. Today the scenario is such that Internet has become the source of income for a lot many people. There is a never ending list of bloggers, shopping website owners, and everyone who wants their business to be online so that they can taste the fruit of success. The basic prerequisite for this is owning a website.

With owning a website, it is important to choose a hosting service too. Web hosting basically means providing storage space and access for any website. There are three types, shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, and virtual private server hosting.

Shared web hosting basically is a hosting service where you have to share your server with other people. The thing with shared web hosting is that you get a limited storage space and also in case there is a rogue application from even one of the server the whole server shuts down. Although it is inexpensive, shared web hosting do not offer security to its clients.

When we talk about dedicated web hosting service, it offers the clients full control over their website and also huge server storage. But, the thing with it is, dedicate server hosting is quite expensive.

Now, because the shared web hosting service has security issues and the dedicated hosting is expensive, it becomes essential to opt for a hosting service that is secure as well as inexpensive and here is where VPS hosting comes into picture.

VPS Hosting is basically a server that is divided into various spaces and each of these space is dedicated to the each client separately. And one company that offers the best VPS hosting services is, VPS Hosting India. VPS Hosting India has been in the industry since 2008 now, offering quality VPS hosting services. The reason why you should opt for cheap VPS hosting India is because you do not need to care about the maintenance. The whole maintenance is undertaken by VPS Hosting India. Opting for Linux VPS hosting provides you with better security, better storage, and better processing power. Thus, offering you faster access to your website. Also, it gives you full control over your website. The best thing about it is the portability. Just in case, you decide to upgrade or downgrade your server, VPS Hosting India will help you with moving your server to another server in no time.

You can opt for various VPS Hosting packages provided by Sri Web Technology and select the one you think is the best. For a secure and wonderful Internet experience opting for VPS Hosting is definitely your best bet.

Efficient and Wallet Friendly VPS Hosting Services in India

VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers which means sharing physical server, hardware with other websites. It is basically a server that you can access which is located in the server. Hence it is also known as cloud hosting which is a shared hosting service. It enables the user to access data from VPS through any machine and run applications. Virtual private server hosting essentially bridges the gap between shared hosting and dedicated servers. VPS hosting contrasts the shared hosting as in shared hosting the resources are not independent. It offers you more storage and bandwidth making it a great alternative. Additionally, VPS is much cheaper than the dedicated servers and it offers more space than shared hosting service. In this article, we will take a look at various types of hosting, and for that we shall consider an example of an apartment building.

Shared Hosting:
Shared hosting is like living in a residential complex where one stays with different groups of people. Since all the residents are at the same location, they have to share all the amenities available with other residents. Shared hosting is similar as all the accounts associated with a hosting server have to share resources like CPU time, memory and space. Shared hosting is inappropriate for the users who require more resources for extensive software development due to limited usage. To sum it up, if you are running a light website which does not require heavy processing & resources, then shared hosting is the perfect fit for you.

VPS Hosting:
As mentioned above, VPS is virtual private server which in terms of our analogy is essentially an apartment. Even though you share the residential complex with other people, you still have total ownership of your personal space. Whatever resources which are allotted to you are not employed by anyone else but just you. In terms of computer, this means that even though the overall CPU resources are shared by all users on the machine, each user gets dedicated resources to their own account. A fully managed Linux VPS hosting service can provide you complete control, which shared hosting cannot. VPS hosting is scaleable and cost effective as you get the resources you require at a cheaper price as compared to dedicated Hosting services. In addition to that, VPS hosting also offers unique portability of applications along with ease of upgrade and downgrade.

Dedicated Hosting:
A dedicated Hosting service is more like owning an entire house instead of an apartment. It means that you own all the resources on the machine and are responsible for maintaining it wholly. Dedicated hosting gives you an exclusive right on all the resources, rendering anyone else incapable of tapping into its resources. Although, it also makes dedicated hosting as very expensive.
The above comparison points out that VPS hosting is the best option which is efficient and budget friendly as well. Sri Web Technology is the best company which provides cheap VPS hosting in India.

VPS Hosting India – Giving the Nation a Secure and Safer Web Experience

Ever wondered how your life without internet would be? How do you look for a new restaurant, how do you find the way to your friend’s house without GPS? Now, that you are without internet how do you look for your dream job or your dream college? Sounds scary right? The internet has taken the world by storm. Nowadays, whether you want to fill an admission form of a college, decide a restaurant to dine out, or just do some shopping, you mostly prefer clicking on the website and getting it done. There is hardly any business, college, or any organization for that matter who do not have their own website. Seeing the current scenario, practically everybody today is on the Internet. Start a blog, put content and there you go! What creates a problem is once your website has had enough visitors it becomes difficult to handle it. Also, when you have your own website, it is obvious you would want it to to be secured and protected. Now how to go about it? How to cope with this problem?

Well, the one solution to this problem is Virtual Private Server Hosting. This type of hosting is for someone who is looking for better security, additional storage, and more processing power. It is a kind of physical server that gives you complete access over your server. Unlike shared hosting, where you need to share your website space with someone, VPS offers you complete authority over your website. There is no security threat, and you can easily run whichever application you want irrespective of the number of times you want to run it. You do not even have to worry about the space with VPS. Also, the physical and server maintenance charges does not need to be taken care of, as this is the concern of the hosting provider. Which brings the provider into picture.

While looking for VPS provider the things you need to pay attention to is if it offers you complete access over your server, it is secure, provides maintenance facility and also offers cheap VPS hosting services. And one organization that offers all these services is VPS Hosting India. Setting its foot in the industry in 2008, it has grown tremendously over a long time. It is the organization on which you can rely when it comes to security and speed. Through fully managed linux VPS hosting service, it provides you complete access over your server. You own your server not having to share it with anyone thus no security issues that too at an affordable cost.

When you start with any website, the first thing you look for is the online security and VPS Hosting India provides you just the same. It is indeed a safe bet to opt for it. When you chose VPS, cheap services with security is definitely guaranteed.