5 things you wish you knew earlier about hosting

1) Selecting right hosting is as important as selecting right domain
Remember when you wanted to start something on your own, or eagerly willing to take our business presence to online space. How much time you devoted to decide the domain name? Well, most of us including you and me tend to spend a lot of time thinking for the right domain which should be unique, catchy, and available. But have you ever thought what takes your website to run (and not crawl) online. If domain name is the fancy number plate of your business then hosting is the fuel which powers your business to run on the internet expressway. So the type of hosting and quality of hosting service is an xfactor to your business equation.

2) Sometimes internet is not the answer
Some of us are more proactive and they really believe in researching. But their source of research is often limited to internet itself. It is good enough as far as you’re learning the concept of hosting and the types of services available. However, you should always talk to an expert before making up your mind and finding one isn’t too difficult. Just search for a hosting service provider and contact them to identify what suits your need and what they can offer. I’ve had great help from one reputed web hosting provider and they even took care of all my online hassles end-to-end.

3) Everyone is chasing the cloud
Even in information era, attitude of hopping on the bandwagon isn’t changed much. Look around you and you would notice silly things going viral like never before. People start fantasizing as soon as a new jargon is coined, thanks to tech giants glamorizing the technology. ‘Latest’ seems cool but may also burn your fingers if it’s not the right mix for your business. Types of hosting (shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud etc.) exist to efficiently take care of your business needs and budget. No point in taking a pricey cloud VPS hosting when your requirement could be fulfilled by low cost VPS server hosting.

4) Best of both worlds exists in reality
Yes, you read it right. Sometimes the solution lies in gray area and sometimes it is the best of both worlds. With advancements in technology, now one can get the power-packed resources of a dedicated server even by paying as low as a shared hosting plan. Cheap VPS server hosting is able to provide best solutions for any business with assured resources, secure environment and complete isolation at a fraction of cost. It is as good as enjoying your own apartment in a gated high-rise. You get all the amenities like security, maintenance, power backup while having no interference from neighbors.

5) It’s all about your business
Before landing to a pit of technicalities, re-think if you really want to do it on your own. Until you are into website industry (which is least likely if you’re reading this blog), investing much time and efforts in website setup and maintenance would cost you the time and focus from your core business activities. Remember, website is for your business and not vice-versa. Many providers like VPS Hosting India offers managed VPS hosting plans which deliver 99.99% uptime and 24/7 customer support. Now this is a return on investment in terms of peace of mind and precious time for your business.

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