Efficient and Wallet Friendly VPS Hosting Services in India

VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers which means sharing physical server, hardware with other websites. It is basically a server that you can access which is located in the server. Hence it is also known as cloud hosting which is a shared hosting service. It enables the user to access data from VPS through any machine and run applications. Virtual private server hosting essentially bridges the gap between shared hosting and dedicated servers. VPS hosting contrasts the shared hosting as in shared hosting the resources are not independent. It offers you more storage and bandwidth making it a great alternative. Additionally, VPS is much cheaper than the dedicated servers and it offers more space than shared hosting service. In this article, we will take a look at various types of hosting, and for that we shall consider an example of an apartment building.

Shared Hosting:
Shared hosting is like living in a residential complex where one stays with different groups of people. Since all the residents are at the same location, they have to share all the amenities available with other residents. Shared hosting is similar as all the accounts associated with a hosting server have to share resources like CPU time, memory and space. Shared hosting is inappropriate for the users who require more resources for extensive software development due to limited usage. To sum it up, if you are running a light website which does not require heavy processing & resources, then shared hosting is the perfect fit for you.

VPS Hosting:
As mentioned above, VPS is virtual private server which in terms of our analogy is essentially an apartment. Even though you share the residential complex with other people, you still have total ownership of your personal space. Whatever resources which are allotted to you are not employed by anyone else but just you. In terms of computer, this means that even though the overall CPU resources are shared by all users on the machine, each user gets dedicated resources to their own account. A fully managed Linux VPS hosting service can provide you complete control, which shared hosting cannot. VPS hosting is scaleable and cost effective as you get the resources you require at a cheaper price as compared to dedicated Hosting services. In addition to that, VPS hosting also offers unique portability of applications along with ease of upgrade and downgrade.

Dedicated Hosting:
A dedicated Hosting service is more like owning an entire house instead of an apartment. It means that you own all the resources on the machine and are responsible for maintaining it wholly. Dedicated hosting gives you an exclusive right on all the resources, rendering anyone else incapable of tapping into its resources. Although, it also makes dedicated hosting as very expensive.
The above comparison points out that VPS hosting is the best option which is efficient and budget friendly as well. Sri Web Technology is the best company which provides cheap VPS hosting in India.

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