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We reside in an age of information, where every single transaction, movement or activity is dependent on data. One of the virtues of this digital age is that there are technologies which ensure the ever-so availability of data on one’s beck and call. Almost all of the business is done over the internet and the address of all hub of all these business activities is a website. As per a survey conducted to find out how many websites are there in India, the output number was over 30 million in total and that was in 2015. Two years have passed since then and considering the popularity websites have gained, a few more millions must have already been added to that number. This begs the question, where does all the data, all the zetabytes of the information which flows through these websites is stored? The answer is hosting servers and which is why services for VPS hosting in India are gaining a traction in the industry.

Hosting Servers offer a storage space, like a hard drive for the website which stores files and images. In order for a website to exist over the internet, you need a hosting server which can be gained through a credible hosting service provider. There are several different types of hosting services, depending on what kind of storage option you require. It can be a shared hosting or it can also be an independent hosting option. More often than less the hosting service providers in the country charge a bit extravagantly for the hosting plans. However, there are some providers who offer competent, efficient and Cheap VPS hosting in India.

One of such companies who have secured its name in the list of well-known and well-trusted hosting service providers in India is Sri Web Technology. They offer several types of hosting plans, may your requirement be for personal Linux web hosting to business Linux Web Hosting. Their plans start from 1 GB disk space to unlimited storage option. In terms of bandwidth availability, the provider has plans from 5 Gb to unlimited bandwidth availability. One can also get suitable plan for email id which range from 10 to unlimited and so does the MySQL database provision which entails 1 to unlimited number of database accounts. Not only that, but the FTP account associated with the plans lie between the range of 1 to unlimited and as for the sub-domains it starts from 10 to unlimited number of add-on domains. Sri Web Technology offers cheap Linux VPS hosting services with incredibly customised hosting plans which suit your individual requirements. So, if you ever face the conundrum of choosing operating systems for hosting web servers, always go with Linux and by extension, choose Sri Web Technology to be your hosting service provider.

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