5 Things To Look For When Choosing A VPS Hosting Company

Being the pioneer among VPS hosting providers, at VPS Hosting India you’re spoiled with choices. With an option of server location in Dallas, USA and Pune, India, VPS hosting plans are available at unbelievable price of as low as Rs. 310/month. With so many attractive choices to go for, anyone would have at least some confusion. But here we are to help you get the right match. We understand that selecting the perfect, yet affordable VPS hosting plan is a critical decision for any website owner and therefore it is important to know the major parameters and how they can impact your business directly or indirectly. This will help you in comparing different VPS plans prior to finalizing one.

VPS Environment

Just like a common PC at your home, Virtual Private Servers also have operating systems called hosting environment. Among the most popular ones, the major choice is to go for Linux VPS Hosting or Windows VPS Hosting. Of course each of the two has own set of features and limitations. Besides, compatibility is another factor for e.g. if your website is based on .net framework, you should go with Windows as hosting environment. On the other hand, Linux being an open source environment supports maximum frameworks and is more affordable.
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Server Configuration

Configuration defines server’s capability to process codes and multitasking. The major factors to look for are RAM, Storage space and CPU. For any good VPS hosted website, the least demand is for 1GB RAM and 20 GB Storage. More could be required depending on the website traffic and storage requirements. Monthly bandwidth required is directly proportional to your expected website traffic. Additionally, other factors like type of physical server, CPU cores, and backup etc. also matter. VPS Hosting India possesses high quality heavy server machines, capable of fulfilling your highest of demands.

Server Setup and Hosting Management

Setting up a VPS server and maintaining it for optimum performance involves enormous efforts and often require technical prowess. Under Managed VPS Hosting plan, we take care of everything ensuring end-to-end support from setting up the server to its ongoing maintenance and beyond. This is the best option if you’re looking for a hassle free and time saving solution. If you’re a seasoned server admin and know the know-hows of server maintenance, you can opt for Unmanaged VPS Hosting. Our offerings include cPanel VPS, providing additional control over server and flexibility to configure it as per your requirement and expertise.
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Server Location

There are lots of elements which define how fast your website loads. Though it seems negligible in today’s high-speed networks, but server location still contributes in your website loading time often measured in milliseconds. Simply if the server you’ve selected is far from the audience, it takes more time to take and process their request and hence website load time would increase. Therefore, VPS Hosting India provides you with multiple options when it comes to data centers. That means you can choose where your server is located, and it won’t cost you extra. If most of your visitors are in the USA, select our server in Dallas. If you’re targeting Indian visitors, we have a server in Pune.

Customer Support

People often ignore the importance of customer support provided by hosting providers. Believe it or not, this is most critical factor of your hosting plan which can make or break your business. Imagine that one-off scenario where you experience some technical glitch on your website. Even if it is for few minutes, it directly impact on your website traffic. Thus if not resolved in time, you may keep losing potential customers and business and it may even damage your online reputation. At VPS Hosting India, we consider our customer support as our USP and assure you 24*7 support over calls and emails. There are plenty of other factors that influence your website performance like codes and scripts, data and images, themes and plug-ins etc. Exceptionally in the industry, VPS Hosting India not only provides the best VPS hosting solution but also suggest you possible improvements on your website to help you grow online exponentially.

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