Frequently Asked Questions

Your business keeps growing each day and so is the website traffic. Shared hosting isn’t sufficient for this ever growing demand for resources and data security. At the same time, dedicated hosting is still not the most viable option for the cost sensitive businesses. VPS hosting bridges this gap with added features of expandable bandwidth, up-gradation, and secured data at affordable cost.
VPS has strong walls to prevent hackers to not enter the server. Softwares are installed with multiple locks keeping the data safe and secured. Our real-time data backup ensures safety of your data in an unforeseen but least likely event.
In VPS hosting, a server is divided into independent virtual servers using different platforms. Though it sounds complex, managed VPS hosting provides end-to-end support from setup to maintenance in hassle free way. Also with provision of tools like cPanel and WHM, even a user with little or no technical knowledge can operate it just like any other hosting solution.
VPS supports all the popular operating systems that are meant for server environments. However, you have to check which technology your website is to be largely working with, and you can go with the correct hosting match for it.
All major platforms including KVM and OpenVZ are supported by VPS.
Nothing! With VPS Hosting India as your web growth partner, you can rely for everything required, from registering a domain name to website development, hosting and beyond. Technically you just have to have a good quality broadband connection and we are good to go with your requirement.
There are multiple services available under our umbrella, right from domain registration, web designing, content, hosting, and SEO services. It largely depends upon what bunch of services a business needs. Like any other goods or services, it’s always more feasible to go for a complete package. Our dedicated sales experts are just a call away to explain you on plans and pricings.
Definitely! Upgrading the plan within VPS is as easy as you change your data plan on mobile device. Just place a request and our team will upgrade the resource allocation as per your new plan. In case of dedicated server, the hosting would require a migration. It would be a fresh start in terms of contract and may require slightly more time to setup.
We understand how critical is your website to your business and therefore, our dedicated tech support team is ready to assist 24*7.
Yes! We’re among only a few hosting providers who can guarantee a 99.99% uptime to your business website.
In web hosting, it’s always better to go for long term plans to get better features and pricings. However we also provide minimum 1 year contract period to cater SMEs and startups in best possible way.
Time vary based on your requirements and current website hosting status. Once we get the required details, our dedicated team of executives delivers result in shortest turnaround.
We wish if we could provide the trial. However it’s a technical limitation as setting up the web hosting for a new site or migrating from existing hosting requires lot of efforts and time. Also from stability point of view, it’s not advisable to do host hopping for trial. We can instead provide you the demo on our dummy websites which can help you decide the plans.
Yes and No! In case if your website is one page information oriented site, you may give them a try. Domain registration agencies doesn’t have web development or hosting as their core business activities and often they provide with tools and templates to DIY (do it yourself) the design and development. However if you have a dynamic website with content targeting to your business growth, you should consider opting for dedicated web hosting providers as they take care end-to-end of your web presence. Also, level of customization you get through dedicated web services or hosting providers can’t be matched by domain agencies.