Virtual Private Server (VPS) Platforms

Web hosting technologies are entered into a new era. Advancements in virtualization with multi-tier architecture and open source platforms greatly amplified the responsibilities of hosting solution providers to ensure efficient functioning of web hosting servers while minimizing the security risks to clients and end consumers. In our commitment to deliver this, VPS Hosting India offers web hosting solutions and services based on all powerful platforms and tools in industry. We support wide range of open source and proprietary applications. Some of these apps and platforms are:


Kernel-based Virtual Machine or KVM is virtualization architecture, supported by Linux Kernel. KVM VPS staying on top of physical server, locks down the entire resources to it and ensures that only the intended user have the
access it physically. This open source architecture is a key component integrated in mainline Linux OS from 2007 and can be set up alongside Linux Kernel. Over the time, KVM has braced with many guest operating systems like
AROS Research Operating System Solaris, Linux, BSD, Windows, Haiku, ReactOS, Plan 9, and OS X while some newer versions of OS partially supported were Minix 3.1.2a, Android 2.2, GNU/Hurd (Debian K16), Solaris 10 U3 and Darwin 8.0.1. KVM VPS hosting guarantee a seamless functioning of hosted applications with performance and reliability.

KVM VPS uses SELinux advanced security and offers full disk encryption. Due to its open source nature while the KVM VPS is way ahead in cost and customization to other virtualization architectures, the setup is usually more complex. However, the advantages of running KVM outperform the limitations.


OpenVZ (stands for Open Virtuozzo) also called as Containerization is another OS level virtualization technology. This Open Source container based virtualization supports Linux and permits physical server to pass through various isolated OS instances called virtual environments (VEs) or containers. Unlike other virtualization platforms, OpenVZ can run only on Linux Kernel and hence limited to Linux based OS like Centos, Fedora, Debian etc.

Since it relies on host Kernel which is shared among containers, it presents a limitation for VPS requirements where a different kernel version is a necessity. Additionally, Kernel modification isn’t supported by OpenVZ and containers must follow host version of Kernel only. Though this forces both the host and guest OS to be running Linux, but it also makes OpenVZ VPS hosting super-fast and extremely efficient since it doesn’t have overhead of
true hypervisor.

On the benefits side, OS level virtualization provides great deal in resource efficiency by enforcing each container to share common underlying OS while still allowing it to execute as stand-alone server including root access,
memory, libraries, IP addresses and even rebooting. Also, the latest versions of OpenVZ allow each container to have separate file system. Unused memory of one virtual environment can be used by other, making it the best option for VPS with low memory. It is its ease of use, which makes it a preferred choice for users starting with Linux virtualization.



Solid State Drives or SSDs are cutting edge replacements of hard disc drives (HDD). Unlike HDD data storage technology which includes spindle, platter, and actuator arm, SDD is 100% stationary. These are faster, more stable, and even more energy efficient. Innumerable researches showed that website visitors gain or lose interest in particular webpage within first 3 seconds. This means your website has to be blazingly fast to load, to keep you business up. There comes the SSD VPS which can improve the webpage load performance up to 57% or more.

VPS hosting with SSD guarantee much faster read-write performance which in turn results in reduced CPU usage. Moreover, non-SSD storage (like SATA HDD) involves various parts in movement that poses the risk of data wear and tear. With very low access time, SSD brings speed factor & dependability in web hosting. It’s the ultimate choice for owners of heavy websites and graphical content or I/O apps since visitors can easily access your data quicker while applications are loaded instantaneously.

With numerous advantages to offer, SSD storage is obviously more costing than their HDD counterparts. However equipped with latest technologies, VPS Hosting India is among the handful of providers offering SSD VPS hosting
solutions at affordable pricing.

Windows VPS

Windows is one of the most popular hosting platform and our VPS plans are fully loaded with windows compatible features. Our Windows VPS hosting uses Windows as the server operating system and empowers technologies such as Microsoft ASP, .NET, Access, SharePoint and SQL server (MSSQL). Since server environment runs on propitiatory source code, Windows VPS provides a stable hosting solution at relatively higher price than open-source platforms. With 33% of hosting servers, Windows still represents a major chunk owing to its simplicity and user friendly interfaces. Also for propitiatory OS, company takes care of support and updated releases. If you are looking for simplicity, Windows is the way to go.
Windows VPS
Linux VPS

Linux VPS

Linux rules the world in terms of 66% of web servers are based on UNIX or Linux. Being free open-source system, VPS hosting for Linux is cost-effective and customizable. Compatible with PHP and MySQL, it fully supports scripts such as WordPress and phpBB. Linux servers are not only considered more secure, the right management has been their key strength. Also, these servers rarely require a reboot and updates are performed seamlessly without an interruption. Though, only a significant drawback is its relatively lesser comprehensive UI, people prefer it on top due to support with most favored hosting tools like WordPress, Joomla, or cPanel. We provide several packages on VPS hosting with most powerful Linux servers in industry.

cPanel VPS

cPanel is one of the most popular control panel for VPS web hosting servers around the world. This user friendly GUI, makes server configuration, email and website management super easy to perform. The multi-tier architecture of cPanel allows granting accesses at different levels. Using web browser itself, administrators can easily manage backups, email accounts, databases, and domain names. Additionally cPanel comes with CMS package like WordPress along, which greatly enhance further the content management. In this fast and competitive online market, cPanel empowers you with the tools to administer complex server tasks in hassle free way. Therefore, VPS Hosting India provides all of its VPS hosting plans along with cPanel integrated.
Cpanel VPS hosting