Over the last decade, we have seen businesses growing exponentially across industries and sectors. With great power and growth come greater responsibilities of serving the clients in the best way possible. At VPS Hosting India, we strive to provide excellence in service to our clients, ensuring privacy and security while keeping a check on affordability and performance. Over the years of serving clients across sectors, we have dug deeper to gain insights of business goals and objectives and how to provide solutions that help achieving the same. That’s the kind of expertise we relentlessly offer to our customers. Being pioneer in web hosting, we are also a leader in web technologies and hosting solutions for emails, ERPs and managed and unmanaged hosting services. Read more about the VPS hosting plans offered by VPS Hosting India.

Email VPS Hosting

People have obvious questions as to why not using the email services available for free or to host emails over shared servers for cheaper rates. Let us take three scenarios to know more about why email hosting over VPS could be beneficial for your company:

  • Your company be it small or large scale, is a separate entity on its own and the company name represents your business to the outside world
  • Large chunks of your business may depend solely on emails
  • In the world of business, professionalism matters!

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say emails have become an indispensable part in the way we operate our businesses. We deal with internal and external stakeholders on a daily basis via various modes of communication where emails are undoubtedly are on the top of it. Many a times, business entities especially small scale companies or start-ups, rely on free email hosting providers like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL etc. However emails consisting of confidential documents, make your business vulnerable to risk. Regardless to say, emails sent by free generic domains (like seems largely unprofessional and tend to lose its seriousness towards potential clients. Your business domain name is not what Google or Yahoo stands for. Your email should represent a different identity of its own. Your own domain (such as sounds professional and upbeat in the world full of commonness.

Our email hosting can transform your business by offering secured email inflow and outflow, without much of a fuss. At the same time it will be easy on your pocket in the long run. VPS Hosting India offers personalized email hosting over robust Virtual Private Servers that can even render successful email marketing goals.

ERP VPS Hosting

Times have changed and technology has been adamant on revolutionizing the way we do our business. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a system of integrated applications that allows enterprises to manage business and automate functions related to human resource, technology, supply chain, operations and projects. With rapidly changing business dynamics, companies find it difficult to manage their operations on a daily basis. That’s where technologies like ERP come into play. ERP significantly help in managing day to day business activities while optimizing the cost of operations.

We provide best in class VPS server hosting services that can easily integrate with your existing ERP solutions. These are designed to help integrate multiple data sources and organizational processes in a unified system. Listed below are some of the reasons why our ERP hosting solutions can make life easier for you and your business.

Management can breathe easily – Our dedicated ERP team handles and manages tasks related to ERP system hosting. This helps your internal management team to focus more on strategic matters and decisions related to the company.

Application integration – Organization operates via different departments. Every department has their own way and application to carry out the operations. Integrating all the data points becomes a tedious task and also chances of error are increased. VPS hosted ERP shun such bottlenecks and helps in integrating multiple application modules at ease without any loss of information.

Flexibility to upgrade – There comes a point when particular software or an application becomes redundant and there’s always a need of better and advanced version of it. ERP hosting on VPS allows you to install customized software over redundant one which helps you keep better track of all the business functions and applications remain up to date.

Cost reduction – Cost reduction is the most sought-after goal for every organization. Our VPS hosted services allow customization, reliability and flexibility to upgrade with the help of dedicated support team. This undoubtedly provides hassle free and time saving way to help the organization to save on cost of setup, maintenance and optimization in longer duration of time.

Managed and Unmanaged VPS

As you might know, under virtualization technology one gigantic server is partitioned into several private servers. These private servers are then used by website owners to host their Webpages. Service support wise, there are two plan options provided by VPS hosting providers to enterprises, Managed and Unmanaged VPS.

Getting a hosting plan that takes care of tiresome tasks of managing and maintaining the VPS is something companies across industries are constantly looking out for. Business dynamics require management to take decision faster and on the go. It really takes a lot in terms of time and effort to configure and keep your server hosting maintained, let alone the expertise required. Our Managed VPS plan gives you the luxury to focus on more important tasks related to your business, while we take care of the other dimension of maintaining configuration, security, software updates etc. It’s more of a hands-off approach. This is more feasible option if you are not a server expert or doesn’t have a dedicated IT department to take care for it.

On the other hand, in case of Unmanaged VPS, you have the ownership and responsibility of taking care of your virtual server’s maintenance. It requires lot of expertise on VPS but if you have experienced with servers or you have dedicated resources for this, our offering for unmanaged VPS can be more viable option for you company. You can also go through our dedicated resource page which will help you choose the best VPS plan.

 In a fast-paced business environment, every decision matter, every customer matter and so on. It’s the survival of the fittest. Therefore, a greater number of companies is adopting new technologies and integrating them in the key management decisions and processes. Companies are shifting towards email hosting over VPS, ERP hosting solutions and managed VPS to better handle the resources and responsibilities on the go. It gives them a competitive edge over others. With proficiency in delivering such growth solutions, VPS Hosting India is one of the oldest names in this domain, you can trust on.